Health Benefits of Chocolate Milk

Milk is often regarded as an important part of an child’s diet, or more specifically, calcium and supplement D are essential nutrition that kids need.1 To make sure that their kids drink milk, some parents holiday resort to giving them flavored milk, including strawberry milk or chocolate milk.

Furthermore to flavoring regular white milk with Nesquik delicious chocolate powder or Hershey’s chocolates syrup, other parents could use products such as Ovaltine and Carnation Instant Breakfast powder drink mix.

While regular white milk is usually considered to be a healthy drink, adding chocolate flavoring usually adds extra glucose and calorie consumption.2

Reasons to Consider Letting Kids Drink Delicious Kids favourite chocolate milk
Perhaps one benefit for chocolate flavoring is that it could encourage your son or daughter to drink milk when they could otherwise not drink simply white milk. But even then, you are most likely better off striving to give your son or daughter alternative resources of calcium, such as cheese, yogurt,4 and calcium-fortified orange juice, etc.

Another benefit is that lots of delicious chocolate flavorings are now fortified with some extra calcium and other vitamins and minerals, so if your son or daughter doesn’t drink much milk or other things with calcium, then it could be a good way to be sure they get enough of the important nutrient. And regarding Carnation Instant Breakfast time Powder Mix, as well as the chocolates flavoring, you can provide your son or daughter extra iron, calcium, proteins, and a great many other minerals and vitamins.5 Ovaltine has flat iron in it too, about 10% of your daily value.

In case your concern is added sugar and calories, a number of reduced sugar versions of chocolate and strawberry flavorings for milk are also available.

Reasons in order to avoid Giving Kids Chocolate Milk
Again, the largest case against delicious chocolate milk is that adding any flavoring to milk gives extra sugar and calories for an normally healthy drink.

Even the newer ‘no sugar added’ varieties, like the Nesquik Chocolate No-Sugar-Added brand, still has 6 grams of sugar and 74 calories per portion. Along with the more traditional kinds can add up to 4 teaspoons of extra sugars and 60 extra calories per 8 ounce serving, which more than doubles a number of calorie consumption that you’ll get from only a cup of low-fat milk.

And retain in mind that the no sugar added varieties typically use artificial sweeteners.

The Bottom Lines on Serving Delicious chocolate Milk to Children
Although milk is an important drink and a fairly easy way for your son or daughter to get calcium and vitamin D to their diet, as well as better to encourage your kids to drink ordinary white milk.6 Adding delicious chocolate flavoring just gives your child unnecessary sugar and calories. If your son or daughter won’t drink simple white milk, you might offer alternative resources of calcium before jumping to flavoring their milk with chocolate or strawberry syrup or natural powder, as it is usually difficult to get kids to later get back to taking in plain milk after they start taking in flavored milk.

If you are going to provide your children chocolate-flavored milk, you might offer it only as a once in a while treat rather than on a daily basis.

What about all the extra minerals and vitamins that most delicious chocolate flavorings now offer? You might consider getting even more minerals and vitamins with a simple daily multivitamin that your son or daughter takes using their glass of simple white milk.