Surprise trip reveal ideas

The surprise vacation has been planned. The itinerary is fixed. The airfare tickets and hotels have been booked. And today you just cannot wait to reveal it to your family/ parents/ partner or whoever you are gifting this surprise trip! Planning a secret holiday is a lot of hard work (don’t we realize that!), and so the surprise trip reveal has a right to be as fantastic as the vacation you’ve planned. And trust us, if you are planning a week-long vacation, it is ideal to announce the vacation a couple of days or even weeks beforehand, to give enough time to your loved ones to plan their schedule throughout the given dates. So below are a few creative vacation reveal ideas which will be as fun as the actual trip!
Surprise birthday trip reveal
You can choose a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary to help make the grand announcement. For example, if you’ve planned to send your parents over a surprise a vacation to celebrate their 50th golden loved-one’s birthday, you might pick one of their birthdays to reveal the upcoming trip. The birthday gift will be a clue to where they go!

1. A custom-made cake
You may bake or arrange a cake predicated on the theme of your destination. In case your secret is a safari holiday to Kenya or Namibia, think about a jungle or safari-theme cake? Or you could plan a “photo rolling” or “pull-out” cake where in fact the birthday boy or girl gets to pull out a roll of photos or clues from the cake that will reveal the best surprise!

2. Gift a travel essential
Birthdays by default involve gifting. So, an innovative way to reveal your surprise trip is to present a travel essential that could also double up as a hint towards your chosen destination. Think about gifting a travel wallet? You could slip in a calendar card, with the dates of the trip crossed out to point that days past are “booked for a holiday”. If you’re planning an adventurous trip with your lover that may include camping out, how about you gift a camping tent and leave the one you love guessing about the destination
There is certainly nothing cooler than planning for a surprise to reveal a surprise trip! So when you’re planning for a secret vacation for your partner, you have so many interesting ways to announce your surprise.

3. Let a movie reveal the surprise
Plan a comfortable Friday evening movie night aware of your husband/ wife andpick a movie that has been shot in or about your secret holiday destination! Should your destination is Italy, you can build-up the suspense to your reveal, by watching the stunning movie, Beneath the Tuscan Sun, that showcase the stunning landscape of rural Tuscany and the charming Italian lifestyle.

4. Send them over a treasure hunt
Make your children earn their surprise surprise by scattering treasures (clues) all around the house that will cause them to the final clue that reveals the destination or the fact that they can soon go on a trip! You may draft each clue in such a way that their theme is sync with the vacation place. For instance, if you’ve planned to take the family to Disney world or any other amusement theme park, you might write your clues accordingly:
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5. Make them solve a surprise trip reveal puzzle
Allow kids rack their brains a little to find the surprise holiday that awaits them! You can draw or print an image that either gives a clue or announces your destination directly. Now cut this up into smaller pieces – a lot more pieces, the more puzzling! Let them come up with the complete puzzle watching the delight on the faces!