Travelory: Travel ends, But Memories Live On Forever! 

Travelory Concept 

You know what they say about memories, when the experience ends, it’s all you’re left with. Time makes memories fade, and that paragliding trip over the lavender fields of Furano seems hazy with each passing day. With Travelory, the trips may end, but the memories never do! Whether you’re a leisure traveler looking to create an exciting timeline to reminisce over or a professional blogger where the details are so precious, Travelory is for you! Whether it’s an amazing ATV tour along the Dalmatian coast and wherever else the pangs of adventure may have taken you, those memories will always be a tap away!  

 Travelory features 

Available for both iOS and Android, Travelory is for the passionate traveler, and for anyone who follows adventure wherever it lies. Here’s what the app can do for you: 

  • Trip planning: no need to cruise through several online references to get details or even ideas for your next trip. Travelory offers all the inspiration you need. 
  • Summary emails: Get a succinct trip summary sent right to your email inbox, so there’s always a reference to look back on. 
  • Co-author feature: Did you travel as a group with friends and family? Then let everyone chip in with the co-author feature! 
  • Be inspired: If you’re on the fence about your next holiday destination, follow fellow Travelers on Travelory for some awesome ideas. 
  • YOYD: Your data privacy and security are of the utmost importance. Travelory policy is You Own Your Data. The power is fully in your hands.
  •  Hospital listing: When you need medical care on the road, Travelory offers a list of good hospitals and pharmacies in the locality for you to check out. 
  • COVID data: With the pandemic all around us, Travelory gives you stats of the place of visit’s infection rate, which might help you protect yourself better.  

How Travelory works 

When you start a trip, you can create a smart timeline that runs in the background. You’ll automatically get a day-by-day breakdown of the locations of visit, complete with synched images of the places. Once the trip is complete, you’ll get a summary sent to your email, and you can use this information to automatically generate your blog. 

Why Travelory is head and shoulders above the rest 

Travelory excels over other apps of its kind for its ability to completely automate the data entry and blogging process, with most others needing a lot more human intervention. Therefore, it enables travelers to enjoy their travels and not worry about taking up secretarial duties. The co-author feature is also really cool! 

Where are you traveling next? Will it be the Plitvice Lakes of Croatia? Perhaps India’s Taj Mahal? 

Wherever you go, don’t leave Travelory behind. Download on the Apple and Google PlayStore today!